Policy  on bringing dogs to the RAMS RUGBY ground

Policy on bringing dogs to the RAMS RUGBY ground

We have not yet banned dogs from the club grounds but we would really prefer you to leave them at home when you visit the ground.

There have been a number of incidents where we have found dog poo on the pitches and this is not acceptable.

If you have to bring your dog then please observe the following rules:

  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times. They should not be exercised at the ground.
  • Keep strictly OFF all the grass areas designated as pitches and pitch side standing.
  • If they do a poo in the grounds please pick it up immediately with your poop bag and take it home with you rather than use the club bins, which are emptied by volunteers by hand.
  • Only service dogs are allowed in the club house as food is served.

We are reviewing this policy and if we find that dogs are causing an issue for our members using the ground we will have to ban dogs completely.
Please help us to manage this by observing this policy.


RAMS RFC - Canine Faeces Report